Never miss out on a word again

The Con Parole Nostre Collections are beautiful sets of transcripts of the podcast’s episodes. It’s ideal for intermediate learners of Italian who want to be able to eavesdrop on authentic Italian conversations without missing a word and without getting stressed out over speed. 

The Con Parole Nostre Transcript Collections will help you catch what native Italian speakers say when they’re talking fast and passionately.

Words matter. Keep them with you and nurture your Italian.

Come join us in authentic Italian conversations between friends

The Con Parole Nostre Collections will help you

  • Experience summer in Italy from the safety of your couch. Italy will have never felt closer. 
  • Walk gently through the complexities of Italian culture and help you feel like you belong. 
  • Feel accomplished. Less anxiety and the they-speak-too-fast thoughts! More time to focus on how you can improve your listening skills.
  • Laugh a lot. In Italian.  Because you’ll get a big smile on your face when you finally get to understand all the jokes and laughter that is going on. 

With the Con Parole Nostre Collections you’ll

  • Learn cutting edge Italian 
  • Improve your pronunciation 
  • Train your ear to three different Italian accents ( Tuscany, Marche, and Lazio) 
  • Recreate a true immersion experience at home

Here’s what people say about Con Parole Nostre

Best of all is the positive vibes. Three women chatting and laughing together. And the transcripts look great!
The breezy way of general conversation is perfect. I don't feel I have to keep listening to every word yet at the same time, those words just keep going in my memory.

Would you like to have all the transcripts organized in one place?

The Con parole Nostre  Collections are perfect if you’ve missed out on some seasons of the podcast and really would like to go over them word by word. 

We work a lot on each transcript after recording to make sure that everything we say is there because it’s important that you don’t miss a single word.

If you’ve just  signed up today you have missed all the previous episodes, so we have created packages of 10 episodes that you can easily download and use immediately. These beautiful transcript sets will help keep your Italian organized, all in one place.

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con parole nostre transcripts 1-30


This Collection contains the transcripts from episode 1 to 30 at a bargain price!


This Collection contains the transcripts from episode 31 to 55 at a bargain price!


This Collection contains the transcripts from episode 1 to 55 at a bargain price!