Queste siamo noi

Chi siamo e cosa facciamo

So much more than a podcast!

Barbara Rocci

Time to be Italian

Ciao, I am Barbara and I run Time to be Italian, the space for people to BE Italian. 

It is important to live Italian, not just learn it. I help people speak spontaneously. I give people an immersive environment until their next time with Italians or in Italy! 

I  travel with my students into a journey of speaking spontaneously and also I travel for real to Marche with my students, where they can experience an authentic Italian life discovering marvellous places around my region. 

I send a newsletter once or twice per month where I talk about Marche and Speaking Spontaneously.

Elfin Waters

All about Italian

Ciao, I’m Elfin! I run All About Italian, an Italophile community on Instagram centered on making learning Italian a joyful, unforgettable experience.

Twice a month, I send out a newsletter in which I share tips on soaking in Italian, what music makes me tap my feet and advice on handling unpredictable dogs and contrary cats.

I organize Italian language Retreats, in small-town Italy off the tourist trail, to help people unwind, recharge their batteries while learning Italian and live their very own Dolce Vita. 

I’m on a mission to find the world’s’ best cappuccino. When I’m not wolfing down a cornetto, I’m busy journaling, taking longs walks with my dog Jaime and taking many pictures of doors. 

Silvia Perrone


Ciao, I’m Silvia and I have created Italearn, the place to learn Italian at your own pace through creative writing and reading activities.

I tell stories that nurture your love for Italian, because a story is much more that just its language.

I write stories, journals, small pieces of poetry, word collages, and other creative, funny stuff. And you can learn Italian with them or create them with me!

Oh, and I also have a lot of extra resources for my subscribers, so you know what to do!