Siamo Barbara, Elfin e Silvia

About us

We are Barbara, Elfin, and Silvia and we speak and work online together every day. We help each other out with our challenges. Because working online can be hard. But then… you know how these things go. We end up chatting about a lot of things. Movies, music, favorite meals, guys. Pet peeves. You name it. We speak online because, did we mention we are located in 3 different places? Barbara lives in Kent, Elfin lives in Cremona, and Silvia in Lucca. We thought we’d record some of our chats and make a podcast out of it. 

Why a podcast?

Maybe you can’t come to Italy anytime soon. Con Parole Nostre will bring you to the Belpaese without moving from your couch. We’ll be your  Italian friends guiding you through the reality of Italy and Italian with natural, authentic conversations.

If you’ve ever come to Italy and felt locked out, felt like there was one crucial piece missing, that you knew the words but couldn’t catch the meaning behind the words, then Con Parole Nostre is just right for you.

Come and eavesdrop on authentic Italian conversations between friends. We’re the ones sitting next to your table at the café in the piazza. We giggle, we get insightful, we share memories. Everything for real. 

We speak fast

Hard? Yes, absolutely. And that’s fine because you can download the transcript and you’ll never miss a word. 

What’s more, you remember that time you came to Italy, you spoke to people and you couldn’t keep up with what they were saying

Or that time they spoke to you and everything they said was completely different from the Italian you’d learned in your textbooks? With Con Parole Nostre you’ll never experience that again. Because you’ll be one step ahead.

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We chat. No script, everything is unplanned. We pick a topic and start babbling about it.

The language we use is real, cutting edge, not simplified for students.