Queste siamo noi

Chi siamo e cosa facciamo

So much more than a podcast!

Barbara Rocci

Time to be Italian

Ciao, I am Barbara and I run Time to be Italian, the space for people to BE Italian. 

It is important to live Italian, not just learn it. I help people speak spontaneously. I give people an immersive environment until their next time with Italians or in Italy! 

I  travel with my students into a journey of speaking spontaneously and also I travel for real to Marche with my students, where they can experience an authentic Italian life discovering marvellous places around my region. 

I send a newsletter once or twice per month where I talk about Marche and Speaking Spontaneously.

Elfin Waters

All about Italian

Ciao, I’m Elfin! I run All About Italian, an Italophile community on Instagram centered on making learning Italian a joyful, unforgettable experience.

Twice a month, I send out a newsletter in which I share tips on soaking in Italian, what music makes me tap my feet and advice on handling unpredictable dogs and contrary cats.

I organize Italian language Retreats, in small-town Italy off the tourist trail, to help people unwind, recharge their batteries while learning Italian and live their very own Dolce Vita. 

I’m on a mission to find the world’s’ best cappuccino. When I’m not wolfing down a cornetto, I’m busy journaling, taking longs walks with my dog Jaime and taking many pictures of doors. 

Silvia Perrone


Ciao, I’m Silvia and I have created Italearn. That’s learning Italian for beginners.

I make learning Italian easy and manageable for beginners. I teach strategies to help you communicate with just what you know, and I tell stories.

That above is my tagline: I’ve seen so many people stressed out because they thought they were not progressing and they were comparing to others. No, no. You learn at your own pace. 

And not by studying, but by doing. Reading and writing are my favorite activities. 

I write stories, journals, and small pieces of prose-poetry. And you can learn Italian from them!

Oh, and I also have a lot of free resources for my subscribers, so…